All About Working With Denise Benson Photography! – Rock Hill, SC Photographer

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All About Working With Denise Benson Photography – Rock Hill, SC Photographer

So…you’re thinking of booking a photography session.  You hop online + begin to do research.  You’re overwhelmed with the possibilities since it seems that everyone (+ their mom) is a photographer.  How do you choose which person is right for you?  How do you know if their style will fit with your personality?  How do you even know if they’re qualified?  These questions, along with many more I’m sure, run through a lot of peoples’ minds when deciding on hiring a photographer.  I like to take a lot of the guess work out of it for you from the minute you contact me.  Here’s how I’m hoping that choosing Denise Benson Photography is more of an experience versus just a quick session.

1. Online Presence | It’s 2015 + we live in a digital world.  That means the moment you want to find something out about a person, business, product, etc our initial instinct is to hop online and begin our research.  I feel that having a strong digital presence can make or break a business.  I surely wouldn’t hire someone that didn’t have at the very least a Facebook page.  But better yet, I want to see a legitimate website.  One with your own domain name + that looks like it’s maintained regularly (sites that haven’t been updated since 2012 need not apply).  Not only do I have a website with a blog that I try to keep up on a weekly basis, but I also have a strong presence on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter + LinkedIn).  I try to make sure that however potential clients may try to find me, I’m there.  My website is clean + easy to navigate.  I don’t want to over complicate things + confuse clients.  My website is my introduction to you.  I want it to be the best representation of me.

2. The Initial ‘Meeting’ | Once you’ve decided that you like what you see as far as my images and web presence goes, then you reach out to me via email or telephone call.  You’re still not 100% sure if I’m the right photographer for you, but you like what you see so far so you want to know a bit more.  At this point I email all of my clients an informational newsletter letting you know a bit about me, my style of photography + my pricing/booking information.  You get a quick rundown before even signing the contract or paying the retainer fee.

3. Consultation | I use the term consultation loosely.  The only time I do a thorough, sit down consultation with a client is if it’s an elopement client or the client prefers it.  All other ‘consultations’ are handled via email.  After signing the contract + paying your retainer I will mail you my Welcome Packet.  It includes a plethora of information that will answer any other questions you may have about working with me.  The packet includes (but is not limited to) a What To Wear Guide, Print Pricing Information, etc.  It’s a more thorough informational guide than the newsletter you received when initially contacting me.  The ‘consultation’ period can last right up to your session date because I allow clients to email or call me with wardrobe + prop ideas that we can decide on together.  I’m here with you from the start of your experience to the very end.

4. The Session | I make sure to contact all of my clients 24-48 hours prior to your session to answer any last minute questions as well as reminders about the date/time/location of your session.  The date of our session it’s go time.  This is the time where we finally get to put your vision + mine to work!  This is the exciting part.  I will put you at ease + make things as comfortable as possible.  I know being in front of the camera can be a scary thing so I try to take as much time as necessary with my clients to make them feel at home.

5. Post-Session | I will use this time to edit your photos.  This process can take around 7-14 days.  I give myself that extra time in case it’s a busy season, or I am out of town for any reason, but I can usually get the images back to you before then.  I love to share sneak peeks on social media so be prepared to get a ‘friend request’ from me so that I can make sure to tag you!  After you’ve viewed your proofs you will decide on which images you would like to include on your USB as well as any prints you order.  While I do allow my clients to print their own photos should they choose to do so, I warn them that I cannot control the image quality.  The only way I have quality control is to print the photos directly from my professional photo lab.  The images they produce are beautiful + consist of high quality, archival paper.

6. The Presentation | I love boutique packaging (which is just a fancy way of saying that your images and USB are packaged in a beautiful way).  I enjoy sitting down in my home + creating a beautiful package to gift my clients.  It makes me smile when my clients tell me they loved how their images were handed to them.  It’s all in the details for me.  If you’re receiving only a USB I will mail it to you (unless you live nearby + it’s easy for us to meet), but clients that receive large prints I prefer to hand deliver your items to you.

7. The Perks | Being a client of DBP allows you special perks as well.  Any client that contacts me regarding a photo session (even if you don’t book!) automatically receives my monthly newsletter.  Newsletter recipients are the first to hear about what’s going on at DBP, as well as any specials or contests I’m running.  And sometimes they are the only people that may hear about a promotion.  They’re basically my VIP members.   You don’t have to inquire about a session to belong on my newsletter list (you can sign up right here on my site or by emailing me) but inquiring gets you an automatic enrollment.  Also, every booked client will receive a Christmas card during the year of their session with a special ‘thank you’ gift from DBP.  It’s my way of letting you know that you’re not just another number on a list, but an important part of my business + I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you.

That pretty much sums up the Denise Benson Photography experience.  Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this + if any of this appealed to you I’d love to hear from you!  Contact me so we can discuss your session needs!



Image Courtesy of Aneris Photography

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